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Class A teaches you the deeper and higher truths

Knowledge itself is more than meets the eye, make no assumption, recognise the faults in the faculties and learn who and what not to follow.

Extending The Roadmap

Building On What's Coming Next

By Jack Don McLovin - Multidiscplinarian -- Jack Has Been writing pages a day for the past 10 years under varying anonymous accounts, always drifting from place to place trying to gain popularity in a group, and start again, and repeat.

I figure I can go on and on about things that are wrong. So I will extend the earlier roadmap.

New article topics will include challenging "things can be identical", "history repeats itself", "entropy cannot be violated", "conservation of energy cannot be violated", "mind-body problem", "is is equals", "it is what it is", "tautology", "logical fallacy", "invalidity of good vs bad", "God can't be proven to exist", "Jesus was against violence", "radioactive dating can't be faked", "cigarettes cause black lung", "the problem/origin of evil", "anti-fundamentalism", "tolerance", "keep it simple" (Bonini's Paradox), "end-to-end encryption is always private", "being a dictator is wrong", "authoritarianism is wrong", "AI alignment solves the control problem / armageddon", "bias", "confirmation bias", and this list will continue to grow.

These are the chatrooms available for each of the subscription tiers:

Basic: General, Ancient Past, Recent Past, Present, Near Future, Forever Zone, Tech, Business, Independence, Society, Art, Music, Video, Article Comments, Support.

Priority: Linguistics, Logic, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agriculture, Earth Science, Software, Law, History, Medicine, Library Studies, Economy, Politics, Sociology, Psychology, Mythology, Theology, Article Questions.

Exclusive: Neologisms, New Fields of Study, Ascento-Secrecy, Trans-Linguistics, Cross-Cultural Similarities, Super-Unanimous-Consensus, Non-Western Professions, Pseudo-pseudoscience, Circular Definitions, Endless Conceptual Phrases, Supersetted Preprefixes, Non-letter Natural Language, Untrue Yet Effective Beliefs, Trans-Religious Studies, Article Requests.

A few of the exclusive channels need explaining, as they are not intuitive without being defined. Endless Conceptual Phrases are phrases that can be said in repitition with new meaning, or in repitition with reflexivity, or self-reference. Non-letter Natural Language are things like using quotation marks, putting parts of things in brackets, concatenations a '-' and in particular phrases with a missing word or phrase in the form of an underline _______, then commas, post-commas (speech pauses rather than lists or subsections). The exclusive channels are the types of things I naturally think about internally and need a place to express the many examples of each.

The beauty of these channels within each tier is that they are not just about "Unlearning", and extends the "University" and "Class A" / "Education" ideal in which we can continue to study and teach things that we are each learning about, as well as to try to create new fields of study. So each of the channels listed in the exclusive tier after the new fields of study are themselves new fields of study, so in a way it is the meta where we use what is posted in each following channel to describe the general properties of these individual fields and try to generalise them into a broader ideal. Supersetted Preprefixes is important because it allows us to create concepts such as what would fit into my thesis statement that 'as societal knowledge progresses the average number of accumulated professions increases', or equivalently 'with the compounding growth of information, multidisciplinarianship becomes increasingly essential and in increasingly greater degrees'.

The Basic tier will be filled by subscribers of all tiers and therefor need the less engagement from me, whereas the Priority tier is loosely every known topic and field of study in society at the moment (as listed in a hierarchical format on Wikipedia), whereby sub-topics can be relegated to their associated channels. Thus the Priority channels will have automated feeds posting the latest updates in each field, and will serve as a basis for me to use as my own personal 'news' platform to avoid using mainstream social media, and to instead harvest open-science. So instead of being sold a product or pushed off-platform by some business and being force-fed certain articles and advertisements and being censored from certain information, we can learn from the science that is open and available to the public. This means we are able to check their reasonings for ourselves and to actually verify that the science is valid and applicable before we believe it, rather than just 'trusting the experts' and hand-balling our independent thinking off to someone else.

News from Class A.

What's wrong with Education.

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