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Learn where modern Education goes wrong

Class A is a community hosted by a multi-award winning top-of-the-nation ranked multi-disciplinarian

Privacy and Confidentiality

Answers to most common questions.

What is your privacy policy?

We collect usernames, emails, and subscription product name, as well as tying all your referals and affiliations to that identity.

How do you use my information?

The user-account who refered you and the user-accounts that you refer are the only possible identifying factors.

Do you record IP-address, location, and cookies?

Nope, sorry, couldn't care less who you are or where you are. We're not advertising other people's products to you. And we only have one product to sell.

What's your Confidentiality policy?

That only applies to Affiliates who pass the test to become on-boarded as teachers. Confidentiality is defined by an entity who contracts out.

How do you define Confidentiality in your contracts?

That's confidential.

Will this change?

Probably not. There doesn't look to be a need to. Not unless we grow to an immense size and need to offer other services, however that will likely be 4 years away at the minimum (2023.Q1 right now).

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