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Learn where modern Education goes wrong

Class A is a community hosted by a multi-award winning top-of-the-nation ranked multi-disciplinarian

Become an Affiliate

Answers to most common questions.

What does it mean to become an affiliate?

Affiliates are like regular students, but they can earn through, promoting our services.

What's the difference between that and a Referal?

Affiliates don't have a limit on earnings, and don't have to spend any extra to earn more.

What else does an Affiliate get besides money?

Affiliates that pass a non-numeric non-multi-choice skills test can be granted the opportunity to teach/write/work.

What does teaching as an Affiliate entail?

To begin with, self-directed article writing, that I must personally approve and stand up for it's content.

What happens after writing articles as an Affiliate?

You get a cut of the income for each article, on-top of what you sell.

What does it take to become an Affiliate?

You must have maxed out the referral program, and be essentially paying for the highest possible tier subscription with no out-of-pocket costs.

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What's wrong with Education.

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