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Learn where modern Education misses out

Class A is a self-growth and news discussion community hosted by an outsider who gets watched from a distance, is trusted, and is copied.

Class A gives you depth and complexity

Knowledge itself is what lies behind what meets the eye, challenge the assumption, recognise the potential flaws in the faculties and learn where difference breaks suggestion and what change can be made.

Beyond 2D language

Beyond one colour language. Beyond reading a single word as just an idea, but a relationship to all other words.

Break-free from your past

We live in a linear world that is screaming for a changing, and channelling Aliens from alternate dimensions. How do you get there without knowing?

Ask a winner

Someone who never chased after sex, and money, and power, but altered their mind through education, experiment, and awareness to make a change.

Lift Out of Your Mental Attachments

Analyse what it is you do when something happens, and then ask yourself why, what it means, whether it's good or bad, and how to improve it.

Class A stands outside of the idea that a list can take you from best to worst

We transcend class, "Class A" is an equivalent trope to "tall poppy syndrome" used to ridicule poor form, standards and behaviour in regards to the Education System. If someone makes an error, just say "Class A".

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Much of education is in a text-book, in a research paper, in lecture notes, or requires class time. Class A is all modernised, online, go-at-your-own-pace, and all pre-requisite knowledge is provided.

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If you ever went to school, and wondered what wasn't true, then this is for you.

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News from Class A.

What's wrong with Education.

Blog 1
First Order Logic - Showcase Article

27 March, 2023

We start off strong, challenging hot-topics such as "logic", "mathematics", "circular definitions", "fossil fuels".
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Blog 2
New Roadmap Available for Viewing

March 21, 2023

This is our plan for the future of Class A, what kinds of articles we have prepared based on prior research and acquired knowledge.
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Blog 1
Extending The Roadmap

2 April, 2023

Building On What's Coming Next.
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