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Learn where modern Education goes wrong

Class A is a community hosted by a multi-award winning top-of-the-nation ranked multi-disciplinarian

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Answers to most common questions.

Are passwords stored in plaintext?

No, I'm an experienced developer, I know to only store a hash of the password.

Do you know ask for any compromising information?

Not even Affiliates and Referers are asked for their information.

Do you keep Credit Card information stored on your website?

We use a payment gateway API that handles that for us (stripe), you aren't on our site when you enter that information.

Will you revoke my subscription for any reason?

My Chatroom moderation is all automated, so you can't actually violate the TOS of that platform, violating messages won't get through, no penalties.

What if I regret signing up and paying that first payment?

You've been warned not to judge a book by it's cover, and yet you still buy them just on word-of-mouth. Same applies here.

What jurisdiction does your operations reside in?

As a trans-national operation, our actions hold no allegiance to a specific jurisdiction, however, if we are declared a 'detractor' then... then we will decide.

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News from Class A.

What's wrong with Education.

Blog 1
We launch new website optimised to any device

January 27, 2023

We start off strong, challenging hot-topics such as "logic", "mathematics", "circular definitions", "fossil fuels". Learn more

Blog 2
New Roadmap Available for Viewing

January 12, 2023

This is our plan for the future of Class A, what kinds of articles we have prepared based on prior research and acquired knowledge. Learn more

Blog 3
The story of achievement in compliance with education

December 28, 2022

I know how to obey the rules, and I am better than anyone at it. So it's time to hold the Education System to the rules they are supposed to follow. Learn more