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Class A teaches you the deeper and higher truths

Knowledge itself is more than meets the eye, make no assumption, recognise the faults in the faculties and learn who and what not to follow.

The Story Of Achievement In Compliance With Education

By Jack Don McLovin - Multidiscplinarian -- Jack Has Been writing pages a day for the past 10 years under varying anonymous accounts, always drifting from place to place trying to gain popularity in a group, and start again, and repeat.

I know how to obey the rules, and I am better than anyone at it. So it's time to hold the Education System to the rules they are supposed to follow.



After grade 1 my family and I left my home-town and travelled all around the country's coastline for a year and we were homeschooled during that time. As part of the homeschooling we learnt geography, history, and reading as well as my older brother and I were made to compete over who could complete our 12 times tables the fastest, with a small incentive to win, a sugar biscuit. And I would continually beat my older brother, and both of us were very fast. Before we had left our hometown, while getting a haircut I had told my hairdresser that I could recite the alphabet backwards. Having never attempted I just knew that I could because I had it memorised. So I went through and made no mistake. During our travels I learnt how to knit through my step-father's mother, and made a plush toy for myself. My mother's mother would always call me a cheeky little monkey, so I thought I would make a cheeky little monkey, and my interpretation of cheeky was to make the monkey wearing a convict outfit. But I intertwined a series of puns. I named the monkey Jack because I wanted to have that as a name, and it was also the symbol on our flag and our mother countries flag: the union jack, as well as being a name for the average joe, as well as the name for a cop, which is where we get the term jack-boot for a nazi official. As well as being the idea of a jack-of-all-trades (often appended with a master of nothing). I attached heavily to this ideal. All because of the idea of being a cheeky little monkey, so I combined the teachings of both of my parent's mothers into not only my change of name, but my most treasured toy.




When we arrived in Tasmania I was given the option to move up a grade, but I figured the cons outweighed the pros because that would mean being in my older brother's class, being away from children my own age, and caring more about being smarter earlier rather than being more social. The result was that I excelled in my own class and was always rewarded with privileges to use the computer during lunch time. I had made an email, and learnt to play computer games, and during that time, how to hack the games, as well as to exploit the flaws in the game design.




Being in Australia, during that first year back at school I learnt how to play piano and how to swear. It wasn't until I accidentally swore at my sister that my mum thought it would be best if we changed schools for my development, so she gave us a number of options, and I chose the best thing for my development, according to my mothers descriptions, which was a Christian school that I stayed at. We all (5 children) moved to the same school under my choice, and I continued to excel. Continually getting straight A's in every subject until the end of my first year at university. Because that was the end of the period in which I would be rewarded for it. I started learning piano in grade 2 and guitar in grade 3. I studied Totalitarianism/Dictatorships as my topic of choice for my final years' study in English class at that school, again, acing the study. In my grade 10 graduation I was awarded the most awards for individual subjects, resulting in being awarded the DUX (top of the class) for the grade level. I took the most avid reader to prom, and, being a purveyor and connoisseur of symbolism, I borrowed the most popular girl's red high heels to try dancing in heels to see how it would go. The thing being the story of The Wizard Of Oz. My best friend was prom king, being the more masculine male he was.




The Christian school only went to grade 10, and grade 11 and 12 were considered pre-tertiary (pre-university), which is where I wanted to show my ability to compete, so I went to the largest non-private school because I didn't want to cost my parents money for me to do no better than I was already doing. In year 11 and 12 I took the hardest subjects known, which if you do better than the others in results in a higher scoring grade for your national rankings in university entrance. After acing every subject I was invited as one of 2 in my state to enter into a national mathematics summer school during the break between years. I read up on the school program and the staff, and saw that the rubix cube was very popular, so I bought a speed cube and learnt how to finish it on my own in time for the program. From the other student in my state I learnt that to get the best score for the rankings we should enter into a High Achievers Program, which involved doing first year uni early, and again, I chose the hardest subject, Calculus. I scored nearly 100% in both semesters, where anything above 80% received the same highest score. As a result I was nationally ranked as in the top of country, and granted the highest scholarship to my local university. I decided it would be better to stay local rather than move over sees for some artificial performance metric of particular universities around the world, when they attract the highest performing individuals because of their past performance, so the information is lost as to whether the schools are actually teaching you better, or simply the better students all go to the same place. 





Because of my compassion in being a Christian, I decided it would be better for me in the long run not to care about surrounding myself with high performing individuals, as that would lose me my ability to teach those lower than me, and to help those in need, and to see those lower than me as individuals worthy of respect and attention. There is no point in becoming the highest in the hierarchy when you are not respected by the lowest in the hierarchy, and, simultaneously, not respecting the lowest in the hierarchy. I had learnt that the best leaders are not those who had the most power as a leader, but those who themselves knew how to be lead, while keeping their leader in check by bringing to their attention any oversights they may have made and querying as to whether their desires could be greater achieved by your greater attentiveness in performance. A good leader can even lead their own leaders, just as the greatest dominance is achieved through understanding submissiveness by first being ultimately submissive, and knowing how to solicit ultimate submission in others. In a submissive-dominance relationship you don't get to where you want to go with violent force, or anger and rage in achieving your ultimate goals. You get to where you're going by understanding the mind of the submissive, and domineering even in that domain. Just because they are opposites does not make them mutually exclusive. There are those who dominate at being submissive, and those who submit to being supremely dominant. And anyone who doesn't know both is neither either nor none.




After ranking so highly I was awarded the highest ranking scholarship at the university meaning free education as well as being paid a lump sum each semester. I completed studies as a Biomedical Engineer with Honours in Artificial Intelligence that was a particular project on the topic of using an AI to read brain signals and compare various techniques and develop my own novel technique that outperformed all others. The AI was used to perform an identification analysis, attempting to work out which brain signals belong to which individuals. At the end of the analysis I, as they are now starting to say is what all new papers should do, I made a prediction as to the feasibility of such a system being used at a cost-effective price per computation power in order to perform the analysis affordably enough to advertise specifically to that individual, allowing for the device to essentially be given away for free and to still be able to make a profit. I followed the standard Moore's Law of advancement of computational power per unit cost, but this has since been replaced by the Quantum Moore's Law which is far far greater, meanwhile the ordinary Moore's Law is essentially at an end.




But after completing the prediction I realised it's not so far off that I shouldn't begin writing the code, the patents, and designing the device that would run this system. So I finished the majority of the task, and put it on the shelf, otherwise I'd be patenting a technology that would expire before it's able to be used.




But that's just what I've done in the education department. In my own time I taught myself above and beyond the classes taught in school. I read 100's of textbooks and 10's of 1000's of scientific research papers. And my goal was more-so to read it so as to correct it. You can tell they are going to be wrong because these textbooks don't stand the test of time, and are continually edited and release new editions. So my goal for Class A is to directly challenge certain known topics, topics that have commonly accepted facts, that are dominantly taught in schools of various kinds, and to challenge them I am going to go above and beyond what is required of an ordinary student, I am going to cut the tree of their knowledge down at the trunk, or be the seasonal change of the Fall where the leaves of their beliefs wither and die and drop to the ground to feed the worms and the fungus, which is consciousness and the lower/younger class of people in the education system. These beliefs will drop off and nourish students into knowing how to prove something wrong before assuming that because it is merely practical that it means it is true. There are many things that are practical that aren't true, they are an approximation to the truth, but they are so far off, they don't see the effects of their own mental state as an object in an environment of the entirety of the rest of existence.



In the next article I will talk about the roadmap of the topics and theses I will challenge.

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